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  • Product Name: Titanium Doubble ball arm tray set
  • Product Number: BB-T
  • Added Time: 2016-09-12
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Underwater Bubblescuba Titanium Doubble ball arm tray set               UPC:804200048585
Titanium color Tray Grip & base stand/1 set
Titanium boubble ball 8"arm 1pcs
Titanium boubble ball 5"arm 1pcs
Titanium 4"YS arm 1pcs
Titanium 3"YS arm 1pcs
Bubblescuba clamp 4pcs
Material: corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy(6061) hard anodized finish
compatible with most of the arm set, like ULCS, Fantasea, TLC,Sea & Sea....etc

Easy Increase your freedom to capture underwater videos with ease

This Double Handle Base Tray Bracket is designed as a universal light mounting system for a small underwater camera or housing. The handle allows easy and balanced handling of the equipment when underwater. It is also a convenient place to attach the two strobe arms.
PLEASE contact us for COLORS:Red ,Black or blue
Key Features:
Light mounting system for stand underwater camera or housing
Two handles allow balanced handling when underwater
Convenient place to attach the two strobe arms
Anodized aluminum construction for light weight and durability
Dimensions (WxHxD): 10 x 5x 1.1 inch. / 12x 5x 1.1inch(excluding protrusions)
Weight: 14.5 oz. (420g)