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  • Product Name: BF-155/Buoyancy: -280 g
  • Product Number: BF-155
  • Added Time: 2016-09-05
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Bubblescuba Float Arm Model: BF-155

 Part # BF-155

Bubblescuba releases new weather-resistant ABS float arm which will bring innovation and control to underwater photography. A heavy camera system is something that every underwater photographer dreads. They can be cumbersome, tiresome, and difficult to maneuver. Average foam floats work make these systems more buoyant underwater, but they are bulky and compress starting at 100 feet.

 Bubblescuba ABS float arms solve all of these problems! The hollow arm body enables not only helping weight trimming but also provide extra buoyancy. They enable camera systems to range from slightly negatively buoyant to slightly positively buoyant with a streamlined design. Moreover, plastic fiber buoyancy arms double as high quality arms....something every serious underwater photographer needs.

Float Arm system have line-up total 3 different type; Float Arm of standard φ60mm / 2.3in with three different length and large Float Arm of 228mm / 60mm(DIA x L) with178mm/60mm (DIA x L)& 155mm/60mm (DIA x L).



    Does not compress to 100 Meters

    Weights two-thirds less than steel float arm

    Provides 50% more buoyancy than competing aluminum float arms

    Each arm has an aluminum ball head for sturdy design

Ultrasonic welding ensure watertight integrity.

Integrated ABS with fine fiber for enhanced performance

60 x 155mm plastic Float Arm

Buoyancy: 280 g [underwater]

Weight: 144 g [air]

Full length: 155mm

Outer diameter: 60mm


Buoyancy Float ball arms/ 1pcs
matching with ULCS,Ikelite,Sea & Sea,Inon etc.......
Material: corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy(6061) hard anodized finish
All items are BRAND NEW and packaged in plastic bags.