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2017 Shanghai DRT Show

Number of visits: Date:2017年4月14日 11:46

2017 Shanghai DRT Show

People don't reduce their passion though it is rainy day.It was pleassure that we took photo with some uwphotographers like Kevin,Partick,Ken.This time we prepare many product here for customers.There are some many kinds of the diving equipment including the diving torch,reel,backplate,wet len adapter,tray and others.We are Bubblescuba that the brand in Australia.At this show,we show everyone our new product,the new fashion camera tray,new torch that can be 5000lumen, 7000lumen,10000lumen,Ring light for Olympus TG4 PT-056 housing,wet len M52-M52 adapter for TG4 and more.Some dive shop is using our product like clamp,adapter,arm and some foreigner are saying good when they have tried our product.The master photographers and the Olympus also use our product,all the tray,the float arm,the diffuser and more.Last day the organiser held the lucky draw and someone got the luck that our sponser BB-V6S.The show is end in a satisfactory way.Thank you for your coming and supporting.

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